Gary Ryan

Bartender in Pensacola, Florida

I’m Gary, a bartender living in Pensacola with my beautiful wife and awesome mutt. I’ve been either a bartender or bar manager for the last 7 years. It’s the best job in the world.

I’m passionate about beer, wine, whiskey, cocktail history and bar culture in general. I’m as comfortable behind a bar as I am in front, and I learn something about my profession everyday I bartend.

Outside of work I’m a life long Red Sox fan, play a little guitar, and I’ve traveled to 10 countries. I taught myself to juggle, but only with 3 balls. I've never figured out where the 4th one goes.

Never muddle fruit in an Old Fashioned, always drink good coffee black, and walk into every room like you’re Boyd Crowder. I will die on these hills.

  • Work
    • Pensacola Beach House